My Pet Club

My Pet Club
Art Of Diagnosis
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My Pet Club
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Some of the companies that experienced our tours

The Most Amazing Course

You will learn so much that your head will spin.
Really, I mean it.

Aspiration Pneumonia

Aspiration pneumonia is unfortunately a frequent occurrence in veterinary patients, and is recognized far more commonly in dogs than in cats. The initial injury (aspiration pneumonitis) actually occurs due to chemical irritation from stomach acid,

Tracheal Foreign Body in a Cat

A five year old male neutered Domestic Shorthair cat presented on an emergency basis to DoveLewis for having difficulty breathing. He is an indoor-outdoor pet and the owners reported that he was outside (absent) the previous night.


Am responsible for Future Professional Veterinary Program.

This program lead to making veterinarians professionals, by having very strong basics and building how to think and analyze the case, and setup your differentials diagnosis and how to deal.

lead to the perfect diagnosis by using our diagnostic tools. This program will take about year to have advanced veterinarian able to be professional in second program

Doctor . Dee

Learn The Management Of Critical Cases

we can start in journy of ABCs Emergency , Triage and how to deal with cases, which will you start and who you should call, which system we should stable first.

Learn The Secrets Of Making Your Pet More Healthy

All secrets you should knew about when you raise a pet.   Management, Nutrition, Vaccination, Psychology and Grooming.

Anesthesia, Surgery and Pain Management

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The Most Amazing Course

You will learn so much that your head will spin.
Really, I mean it.